The Aeolian-Skinner Legacy, Vol. 1

The Aeolian-Skinner Legacy, Vol. 1
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The Aeolian-Skinner Legacy, Vol. 1
"The Aeolian-Skinner Legacy, Volume 1" features the magnificent 1962 Aeolian-Skinner pipe organ, Opus 1391 at St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Beaumont, Texas. Played by organist Lorenz Maycher, the disk includes over 72 minutes of music by Bach, Karg-Elert, Lidon, Mozart, Purcell, Purvis, Simonds, Sowerby, Telemann, and Vierne. The 3 manual organ was designed by Joseph S. Whiteford, in collaboration with legendary Texas organist, Roy Perry. It was installed by J.C. and Nora Williams, who, along with Mr. Perry, installed many of the great Aeolian-Skinner organs. Tonal finishing of the Beaumont organ was done by Mr. Perry, and it bears all his famous trademarks. The organ is in pristine condition, and the recorded sound is rich and excellent. A 16 page booklet accompanies the CD, including many photographs and program notes and brief history of the Aeolian-Skinner Organ Company by noted Aeolian-Skinner authority, Charles Callahan.

What the press has said: "Those familiar with the old 'King of Instruments' series will find this recording to be reassuringly familiar. Opus 1391 '…is a significant milestone in the history of American organ building….' It was recorded, as was another landmark instrument in Kilgore, Texas, with 'pew cushions …removed…. revealing a warmer acoustic than is normally present in the church.' The exterior of the church can only be described as 'Hacienda Gothic,' while the interior features the familiar divided chancel. Visible are the elegant Trompete Royale and some of the Great and Positive pipework, whilst lurking in the background are double Swell boxes...

When there are more to come in this 'Legacy' series, order them in advance. If Volume I is any indication, they will be collector’s items. Highest possible recommendation."

The American Organist September, 2006